How to oppress the oceans from climate change to save the world

According to the research, in particular, one technology has the highest potential for immediate solutions to the root cause of climate change. It develops rapidly Ocean-based renewable energy Systems – such as sculptor generators, offshore wind farms and geothermal heat pumps – can reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

"Not only offshore wind farms, curling energy and other ocean renewable opportunities have a great potential to reduce carbon emissions, but they are also effective and are ready to carry out large-scale," says co-author Doctor. Alexander Magnan, Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, France.

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The Action Plan also requires a more radical strategy. For example, a potentially effective action against sea acids is to add massive amounts of alkaline and nutrients in the oceans.

Another offer includes manipulating marine habitats and ecosystems or using genetic engineering to help climate change faster. The third sentence offers radical geoengineering methods such as cover the oceans with non-toxic foam to reflect excess solar radiation.

The Group acknowledges that these extreme measures are not yet available and require additional surveys. The structure of the report is to compare the proposed solutions to their risks, benefits and ultimate viability. But provocative proposals are part of the plan. The idea is that scientists and public policy makers take thought, plan and cooperate.

Hopefully they all go together before too late.