Huawei mobile phone sponsored AI college challenge, empowering AI talent training

In the 2018 World Cup, in addition to the accident, another highlight of the World Cup is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including artificial intelligence assistant referee, AI live editing and AI pre-game prediction. According to reports, the French war against Australia was aided by artificial intelligence, and eventually the French team won the Australian team 2:1.

In fact, the application of artificial intelligence has been very extensive. Artificial intelligence technology has even replaced manual labor in many areas. Therefore, with the continuous development and rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, what kind of impact will it have on the future of human life, will it make human life better or threaten human development?

 Huawei mobile phone sponsors AI college challenge, empowers AI talent training

AI can pass in a short time Hundreds of millions of continuous simulation studies to enhance experience and ability. Big data can surpass all brain reserves and overcome the cloud analysis capabilities of the whole brain. Therefore, artificial intelligence is not simply a “imitation of humans,” but a definition of “far beyond humans.” From this perspective, the future of artificial intelligence poses a challenge to human development. Labor and mental work will face the risk of artificial intelligence replacement to a certain extent.

In the face of AI threat theory, Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei Rotating Corporation, pointed out: “The impact of the development and progress of each technology is two-way, which is inevitable. After AI comes out, there is optimism. There are also negativeists. Some people think that artificial intelligence will promote development, while others think it will lead to destruction. But I believe that human wisdom will preserve things and manage bad things. In the past, humans have done this. So I think that in AI, humans can do this. Based on this positive attitude and confidence in the technical strength of AI, Huawei Mobile actively participates in the exploration and layout of AI technology applications and the cultivation of AI technical talents.

Recently, the regional competition sponsored by Huawei’s new star sponsored the “Future Cup University AI Challenge” event, which triggered the AI ​​boom of many universities across the country. The competition established the AI ​​Professional Group and the Future Design Group. It aims to popularize intellectual science and technical knowledge, cultivate students’ sense of innovation, team spirit and practical ability, build a bridge between college students and enterprises, and select and recommend excellent artificial intelligence and big data talents.

 Huawei mobile phone sponsors AI college challenge, empowers AI talent training

At present, the main competitive group area The competition has ended. Seven teams from seven universities across the country will reassemble in mid-July to participate in the online finals. At that time, we can wait and see which team can win the battle in the heroes.

 Huawei mobile phone sponsored AI college challenge, empowered AI talent training

as the world’s third largest smartphone Manufacturers, Huawei mobile phones have been actively exploring the direction of intelligent social change in the future, and the overall layout of AI systems such as perception intelligence, cognitive intelligence, and computational intelligence, leading development. NT’s domestic artificial intelligence technology. This is also the intention of Huawei Mobile to sponsor the AI ​​Challenge Cup in the Future Cup.

 Huawei mobile phone sponsored AI college challenge, empowered AI talent training

in the “Future Cup Academy AI Challenge” In the whole process of strategic cooperation, Huawei Mobile and Nova products work together and use AI technology products as an AI platform. Zhang Baofeng, vice president of Huawei’s mobile software engineering department, also served as the company’s chief AI consultant and provided full technical support and guidance for the competition. In order to further reflect the attention of AI technicians of Huawei mobile phones, many AI-related technology leaders of Huawei mobile phones are still at the competitive scene. What are the key AI skills needs of top companies? And other real issues, and will give priority to Huawei’s internships and employment opportunities for the winner’s competition.

For the sake of knowledge, the era of artificial intelligence has been opened. From competing for “inventory” talents to cultivating “incremental” talents, Huawei Mobile will continue to lead as a technology brand. I believe that Huawei Mobile is committed to storing and cultivating outstanding AI technical talents, and will ultimately serve customers and bring new intelligent experiences to users.