Human eye can be found in space radiation

Well, not as you think.

I recently saw this video astronaut Scott Kelly's appearance with late show Steven Colbert. In this segment, he talked about the fact that when he was on the space station and his eyes closed, he accidentally revealed light flashes. He sent his body to the cosmic radiation and his eyes.

Check out the video at 3:30 pm

My first prone to say it is to detect neutrons, or radiation particles interact with its Yes, or narrow or medium, which creates an object and this interaction leads to relativistic electrons, then Cerenkov emits. Kerenkov's radiation is visible through the eyes.

There are, of course, other possibilities, such as the space particle causing the atom or molecules to collapse when they collapse and this leads to light exhaust. But Scott Kelly said that these pencils appeared on fireworks. So, in my opinion, here is something that is shorter than cascade events, and perhaps Cerenkov's clear scenario.

This, BTW, is almost like how we find neutrinos, especially super caikonand and all neutron detectors around the world. Neutrinos came from the detector, and those that interact with medium inside the detector (water, for example), cause emission relativistic electrons that are faster than the speed of light inside the medium. This creates Cerenkov radiation, and usually light is blueish white. It's the same brilliance that you see in the nuclear reactor's fuel pressure base.

So there! You can find some eyes closed!