Infectious diseases are coming! The infectious diseases that have arisen in recent years are not just bird flu!

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After the Year of the Rooster, Zhengzhou diagnosed a case of H7N9. Fortunately, it was discovered in time that although the patient was in critical condition, 11 people were in close contact with each other. Fortunately, there were no abnormal symptoms after medical observation. When the news came out, the people who got it, especially the netizens who lived in the Central Plains, expressed fear and danger. Many people think of chickens, even the eggs are implicated, the chicken year is not good.

Infectious diseases are coming! Infectious diseases that have arisen in recent years Not only bird flu!

After the year, Shangqiu, Yongcheng, and Xuchang were diagnosed as H7N9 patients, which occurred in the early years, although it is not rare. News events, but related to life, and H7N9 virus is mainly transmitted by poultry, do not know where to lurk, greatly increase the uncertainty, more likely to cause panic.

This is a contagious disease incident reported by the media. There are still many infectious diseases that have not been opened up by the media and have been relatively high in recent years. According to the survey results of the national legal infectious disease epidemic report, the top five high-risk infectious diseases are: viral hepatitis, tuberculosis , syphilis, AIDS, H7N9. These infectious diseases, which were called “poor people’s diseases” in the past, were once “suppressed”. With the development of the times, they are now starting to go wild.

Let’s look at a statistical report on tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization, nearly one-third of the world’s people are already infected with tuberculosis, that is, 2 billion people are infected with tubercle bacilli. There are about 20 million active tuberculosis patients worldwide, and about 8-10 million new tuberculosis patients each year. About 3 million people die of tuberculosis every year. Tuberculosis has become one of the leading diseases in adults worldwide due to infectious diseases. China is one of the 22 countries with high burden of tuberculosis in the world, and the number of active tuberculosis patients ranks second in the world.

Infectious diseases are coming! Infectious diseases that have arisen in recent years Not just bird flu!

What is the cause of these infectious diseases, frequent occurrences, and even repeated prohibitions?

Population susceptibility

Popular susceptibility refers to the degree of susceptibility to a certain infectious disease. Although people now have a high standard of living, sub-health conditions are common due to stress, bad habits, and improper diets, and the susceptibility of the population is higher. In addition, population susceptibility is also related to age, occupation, gender, autoimmunity, and private life.

Spring is still a high incidence of infectious diseases such as upper respiratory tract infection, scarlet fever, chickenpox, hepatitis, etc., and preventive measures must be taken to protect them from infectious diseases.

1, popularize health knowledge, keep air circulation indoors, don’t spit, and cover your nose and mouth when sneezing. If you meet someone else, you must avoid it.

2, regular physical examination, early detection, early isolation, early treatment. In addition, the baby should be vaccinated on time to make the body immune and reduce the incidence of infection.

3, avoid private business chaos and take preventive measures. In particular, gay men and lesbians are often high-risk people with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and AIDS. They must avoid unclean and private life.

4, don’t use other people’s items or try public items such as lipstick, cups, cutlery, towels, etc. Wash your hands before meals, and remember to wash your hands with soap after you touch the unclean things.

5, try to go to places where there are many people and people, and wear masks when you go out, especially in places with lots of people.

6, often exercise, develop good habits, reasonable diet, try not to eat raw food except fruits and vegetables, less contact with poultry, livestock, try to eat less animal internal organs, if you want to eat must be heated at high temperature Eat later.

Infectious diseases are coming! Infectious diseases that have arisen in recent years Not just bird flu!

Infectious diseases are important in prevention, and it is important to raise awareness of prevention.

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