Innovative power battery technology Honda will independently develop all solid state batteries


Honda spokesperson Teruhiko Tatebe said that Honda is considering developing all-solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles and developing it independently.

Honda spokesman Teruhiko Tatebe said recently that Honda is considering the development of all-solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles and is independently developed by itself.

Innovative Power Battery Technology Honda will be independent Development of all-solid-state batteries

It is understood that solid-state lithium batteries are extremely safe, and solid electrolytes are non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, and liquid-tight, and overcome Lithium dendrite phenomenon, the auto-ignition probability of a car equipped with an all-solid lithium battery will be greatly reduced. The current energy density of all-solid-state lithium batteries is about 400Wh/Kg, and the estimated maximum potential value is 900Wh/Kg.

Before this, Toyota has planned to replace lithium batteries with solid-state batteries by 2020, and its solid-state battery energy density is three to four times that of lithium batteries, according to Shigeki Suzuki, Toyota’s executive director of materials engineering. Toyota will fully commercialize all solid-state batteries by 2020.

Comment: With the development of new energy vehicles, the technology of its power battery is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. Not only have companies like Toyota and Honda do it, but it has been reported that BMW is also developing solid-state batteries with a battery company in the United States, as well as Hyundai, Dyson, etc., while the Ningde era has begun to invest in solid-state lithium batteries. the study. Therefore, the popularization of solid-state batteries in the future will be a revolution in the electric vehicle industry, and it is bound to solve problems such as the endurance of the public.

Source | Advanced Battery Materials