Ivanka Trump will find it difficult to push her father into the environment

IWonka Trump has hired former Vice President Al Gore at Trump Tower to be elected President of Trump on global warming. If she uses her first daughter's role as an empty informal climate change minister, her success may end there.

Trump's eldest daughter is with her father. But he is not a Republican and is less conservative than his brothers Eric and Donald Jr. Ivanka make the most of the Trump family's brand of wealth and glamor, the least associated with right-wing politics.

However, it has been reported that Ivanka wants to assume that the first lady is usually operated by a busy pulpit and climate change may be one of her signature issues. He has already served as his father's ambassador to a more liberal environment, such as his September appearance at the "Weekend with Charlie Rose" in Aspen.

His wife Jared Kushner comes from a Democratic family. This has not prevented him from being an important adviser to the new President Trump, who has once again expressed the opportunity for his daughter-in-law to play a role in the Middle East peace process.

Ivanka has already influenced her father's approach to women, helping her develop an approach to the issue of parental leave. But environmental activism can be a bridge too far.

Donald Trump has been elected president by the Russian Belt States, with strong voter support listing environmental regulations along with trade agreements as a reason to cut production jobs. He won a large margin in the charter states, defeating Hillary Clinton by 30 points in Kentucky, and Kentucky by almost 42 points.

"He has not won on the Al Gore environmental platform," said a Republican consultant. "On the contrary."

Trump has been defending coal jobs throughout the campaign, and is said to be disappointed with some of the regulations he personally encountered in the real estate industry. Thomas Paile of the Pro-Energy Institute for Energy Research is a senior fellow at the Department of Energy, Institute of Competitive Enterprise, a transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency. Specifically, Ebell is not a fan of Gore and the EPA.

Ivanka's parental leave plan did not excite conservative advocates of limited government. But that could potentially appeal to some social conservatives who may be looking for new ways to "get pro-Trump" in the Trump Republican Party, where government ordering is taking a back seat to other goals.

Trump's criticism of environmentalism was far more significant for the coalition he chose. It would be difficult for him to make provisions for carbon dioxide, which could potentially destroy the jobs promised to protect.

Even during a meeting with the New York Times, where he vowed to keep his mind on climate change, Trump said what they would do would depend on how much our companies would cost.

Translation: I may not call global warming Chinese mediocrity, but don't hold your hopes upside down and trade.

Of course, it is possible that Ivanka Trump could support small-scale environmental initiatives that are more expensive. However, this will probably not be enough for Gori. "I think the momentum is unstoppable right now," he said in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hay on the fight against climate change Monday night. "We will win it."

Usually, when the word "conflict" appears in the same sentence with Donald and Ivanka Trump, it indicates whether the incoming president can depart from the family business empire. But there may be a conflict over environmental policy.

"He has taught us that we cannot do anything unless we marry the vision and passion that will sustain a consistent work ethic," Ivanka said about her father at the Republican National Convention.

Greening the Trump administration may take even longer.