Jaguar sold 1,200 I-Pace models in October

Earlier this month, reported that Jaguar Land Rover is due to turnaround plan to reduce costs and improve cash flows. JLR's owner, Tata Motors, is planning a 18-month plan called "Project Change", which is 3.2 billion dollars.

But it seems that the move in the right direction has already taken the Jaguar's electric I-Pace: InsideEVs Reported that Jaguar sold 1,200 I-Pace models in October, which represents a strong growth brand and a new model. Jaguar's total sales totaled 8.7% to I-Pace, which means that sales volume of 13,764 units significantly increased the new power transmission. Total sales grew by 11.6% and overall in October was the best for JLR.

About 2,500 I-Pace crossovers have been sold. The October sales figure has risen from 710 vehicles since September last year, which is a strong pickup only from 140 cars sold in August. This is the signs of production and sales signs and you will not be surprised by the monthly I-Pace sales of 2,000 units.

It helps that I-Pace is a competitive competitive Tesla Models S and X, starting at $ 70,495, including a destination charge, with a Jaguar-like performance and looks.

Last month we reported that Jaguar might be in power over the next decade, a portfolio consisting of electric XJ, full-sized EV crossover and electric sports car except I-Pace. Brexit uncertainty and the Chinese market worm means Jaguar is a volatile spot, but as its owner is about to run even tougher ship, and this first full electric model is clearly picking up the pace, the upcoming decade may appear to be a positive Jaguar.

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