Japanese scientists discover secrets of commonly used diabetes drugs

Japanese scientists discover secrets of commonly used diabetes drugs

[Relationship between pioglitazone and serum leptin levels in diabetic patients] According to an analysis published in the Journal of Diabetes Research, pioglitazone and 2 compared with placebo Patients with type 2 diabetes have a significant reduction in serum leptin levels.

Type 2 diabetes is becoming one of the greatest threats to human health. According to statistics, the number of people with type 2 diabetes is rising worldwide. People with type 2 diabetes need to take medication for life or use insulin to control their blood sugar levels. Once the blood sugar is not properly controlled, it will bring many serious complications.

There are many drugs for treating and managing diabetes. Different drugs have different effects on different diabetic patients. Doctors will formulate the most suitable medication for diabetic patients based on the glycemic response of diabetic patients. For people with diabetes, it is also important to understand the advantages and side effects of commonly used diabetes drugs.

In this study, researchers from the Ise Red Cross Hospital in Japan conducted a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials to investigate the effect of pioglitazone on serum leptin levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Ten regional focal points meet the eligibility criteria and are included.

The researchers found that the serum leptin levels in the pioglitazone group were significantly lower than in the placebo group. There was no significant difference in blood leptin between the pioglitazone group and the oral antidiabetic group. The authors point out that relatively few RCTs are included in the study and that there is a high degree of statistical heterogeneity that may affect the results of the study.

The author writes: “There are many limitations in this study, and it is worthwhile to interpret the results and infer the conclusions of other populations. Given these limitations, we believe that further research is necessary.” (Heather_z727 207672)