Jeep pickup truck scramble: Gladiator, not Scrambler

For months we are – in general, I mean in the automotive world – suppose that the jeep pickup truck was named chambler. For those who always thought that Dani was a breakfast, according to the JP Chambler Forum – yes, they were convinced that they had called themselves – a car with another name: a jeep gladiator.

The Jeep Scrambler Forum says it will roll the changes: "Stay tuned as we need to take a change to in the next few days (smiley face, thumbs up)."

The discovery was found when the Forum "The Long-Trusted Source" found a web page on the new name that was put on the FCA's media site. It does not matter, it is not now. But here is the screen:

Jeep Gladiator Pickup

Gladiator is not new. This was the name, back in 2005, for the Jeep pickup concept:

Could this be a mistake, and the chamber is back? It's more likely that this is so.

One thing is certain: we are very close to examining that we can almost taste. The truck has been tested everywhere, from the Rubicon Trail, the streets of Detroit and Auburn Hills, where it is quite easy to see the hidden example of the morning commute. Wait almost finished: later in the fall will start L.A. Auto Show.

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