The Jeep plans to launch a pickup truck in Auto Show in Los Angeles next month. We all know what it means: this is a Scrambler time, folks. This story is about the courtesy of the prestige that speaks about the show in general. It accidentally states that "pickup trucks from the jet" comes. Until now, it was not sure when Wrangler-based pickup would make his debut, but it's no longer a problem. We are not sure about other pickups that we know.

The release details are still debuted on L.A. Audi confirmed that the E-Tronic GT would be a four-door concept. Mitsubishi plans to showcase a new concept car – this is not a jeep any evo references. Hyundai is debuting "all new" cars, and Kia is obviously planning many new car debuts.

All this is great, but the biggest surprise is almost guaranteed that he is very much expected. Everything is still speculative, but we are expecting a Jeep truck to send Vangerel V6 and turbocharged four-cylinder POWERTRONS. We look forward to Diesel shows up in some ways the way, but almost certainly not in this auto park.

L.A. Mainly host the whole mobility, but there are always such big statements like this. Porsche fans will be able to see the 992 generation 911 show floor that we have already seen about 10 times more spy photos too.

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