Jumping off a building is not an infectious disease

1. Not because of you

a single parent family.

Daughter: “Mom, why did you marry Dad that year?”

Mom: “Not because of you.”

Daughter: “Why then why? Divorce?”

Mom: “Not because of you.”

Daughter: “What is the relationship with me! I was not born at the time.”

Mom: “I thought it was your father when you were pregnant. You can only find out who your father is when you are born?”

Daughter: “…”

2. Why don’t my comics like it?

The cartoonist asks fortune telling

The cartoonist: Why doesn’t my comics like it?

The fortune teller says it is like the golden gold.

The cartoonist epiphany: You mean that gold always shines

Fortune-telling: No, your comics are not yellow, not attractive.

The cartoonist suddenly realized. . .

3. Jumping from a building is not an infectious disease

Dad: I heard that two college students have jumped from a university, one is a junior and the other is a graduate student. Son, life is important, we can’t think of it because of a little thing.

Son: Dad, you can rest assured. I am in good health, jumping off the building is not an infectious disease, I will not get it!

Dad: I don’t mean this.

Son: Dad, I know, don’t you still understand me? First, I can’t take such a good university. Second, I definitely can’t read graduate students.

4. The hot traditional sports.

The township newspaper reported that the “traditional” movement in the village was very hot.

The county sent a reporter to interview the village chief: “The traditional sports carried out in the village, how is it carried out?”

Village: “Is it simple? The villagers are divided into several groups, one group stands in a row, filled with water in small buckets, passed from the first person to the last person, and finally into the big barrel, which group is the first to pass the fast pass!”


A girl meets a boy and goes to the movies. The girl looks at the man and says, “What are we going to watch?”

The man picked it for a long time, and finally the young lady who looked at the shopping guide said: “Is there any kind of horror, and there is a bed-playing movie?”

The girl looked at the man and blushed and said, “How do you know me?” I like to watch such films?”

The man shook his head and said: “I don’t know, I just heard that the recent horror movies don’t sell, the fares are much cheaper.