We got it soon, but it's just the version of the execution version just fell on SEMA. Entitled Forte GT, this 2020 model sedan makes design 2019 Forte and turns it up a few notches amusing section. The naturally taken 2.0-liter four-cylinder switch is a 1.6-liter turbocharged four plates. It creates 201 horsepower and 195 pounds sterling, identical to the Dutch Elantra Sports and G Sport Sports. Dual exhaust "sports-fitness" is added to the machine. The buyers will be able to choose a 6-speed manual and 7-speed double-automatic automatic automatic, as well as Elantra. We hope you need a trend here.

The torsion bar is replaced by a rear suspension instead of completely independent suspension design that creates it for four angles. Around the hard thighs and large disc brakes are used. Keep it on the ground, Kia offers a Michelin Pilot sport for summer tires as an option – it is quite sweet. All these changes will follow the same pattern as Elantra did when Hyundai introduced a sports car. Hyundai does not offer this aggressive tire package though.

Of course there are external changes here too. The new 18-inch two-ton wheels are exclusively GT. Shouty (and dubious) gloss black and red accented grille with GT marking the most obvious switch. The more brilliant are the mirrors, side vessels, back springs and signals. The black sports seats with red contrasting stylus, flat-length steering wheel and aluminum sports pedals are different from the interior of the ordinary forex trims.

Kia is also less interesting for the Fort "GT Line" trim, which is essentially a GT appearance package. You will get almost every immediate face, but the mechanics are identical to the standard Forte. That means 2.0 liters, CVT and torsion ray back to the system.

The child's stinger theme is carried on this machine in its name and even GT1 and GT2 variant packages are available for these two new trim levels. Both packages offer different levels of Kia driver support technologies, as well as the audio system of Harman Cardon and hot / ending places. While we can safely say, the new Forte is not a Stinger, this GT trim is very welcome except for a long-term option handbook transfer.

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