Lao Guo said that positioning | Northwestern Polytechnical University: 2050 to build a world-class university for aerospace and navigation

old Guo said positioning|Northwestern Polytechnical University: a world-class university for aerospace navigation in 2050

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Northwestern Polytechnical University:

Highly uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Party’s 18th and 18th Central, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions, in accordance with the “four comprehensive” strategic layout We will firmly establish the development concept of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing”, follow the law of higher education development, focus on the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, build a world-class university and first-class disciplines, and seize the country’s major strategic opportunities. Comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform and opening up of running a school. Coordinate the promotion of discipline construction, personnel training, team building, scientific research and social services, and strive to achieve breakthrough development. The main school-running indicators and overall school-running strength have reached the internationally renowned high-level research university level, in order to achieve “to In the middle of this century, the school has become a solid foundation for the vision of a world-class university with significant influence in the fields of aviation, aerospace and navigation.

To the end of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the school will form a high-quality and innovative talent cultivation system; create a high-level talent team with a certain scale and academic influence at home and abroad; and enhance the innovation ability of scientific research work. The formation of an international school system; the school has entered the ranks of the country “coordinating the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines”, and several disciplines rank among the world’s top disciplines; the main school-running indicators and overall school-running strength have reached the internationally renowned high-level research university level, and the school is stable. The world’s major university rankings.

(1) The discipline structure has been optimized, the advantages of featured disciplines have been highlighted, the basic disciplines have been continuously strengthened, and emerging interdisciplinary disciplines have emerged, expanding 10 new disciplines and cultivating 10 emerging (intersection) research directions.

(2) The undergraduate students are basically stable in scale, the scale of graduate students is moderately increased, the scale of international students is greatly improved, and the high quality of solid foundation, professional ability, social responsibility and international vision, and comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and beauty are completed. The establishment of a cutting-edge innovative talent training system has significantly improved the quality of education and teaching, and the ability of students to innovate and innovate has been significantly enhanced, and the teaching management and service support capabilities have improved significantly.

(3) Build a high-level faculty with high morality, exquisite workmanship, reasonable structure, full of vitality, and appropriate to the school’s development goals.

(4) The original innovation ability, the ability to serve the country’s strategic needs, and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements have significantly improved.

(5) The level of open education has been greatly improved, and the ability to develop internationally has been significantly enhanced. The scope of cooperation in running schools is more extensive, and the form of open education is more diverse, and the effectiveness of open education is obvious. The international cooperation network of the school has been extensively expanded, the international talent training system has been basically established, and the international reputation and influence have been significantly enhanced.

(6) Fully implement the main body of the college, basically establish a modern university governance system, and the campus modernization level will leap to a new level, and comprehensive reforms have achieved remarkable results.