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Lassen Volcanic National Park has announced the final environmental impact of the announcement of Warner Valley's comprehensive site plan (FEIS) this week.

Is it pleasant to announce the release of this document, which is the long-term result of cooperation between park staff, researchers and the public? Superintendent Darlene Koontz said. I highly appreciate the introduction of the people and the development of the groups that have a deep commitment in this beautiful and historical perspective.

Park has developed Warner Valley's comprehensive site plan in response to the versatile management needs of the Warner Valley Area, including the Restoration Valley in an unusual Fen and Wetland Complex, and to protect and maintain archaeological and cultural sites such as the historic Drakesbad Hotel Ranch.

The plan also focuses on improving pedestrian paths and pathways and enhanced interpretative offers, as well as solving security problems that may arise from Warner Valley Road's lack of parking and walking. Said Coonema.

The document can be viewed and / or downloaded from the Park web site and NPS planning, environmental and public comments web site In addition, the FEIS printed copies are available in the headquarters of the Administration of the Park, Mineral, California and the following public libraries: the library of the Plumus County, the University of Susanville University, the Chester Library, the Tehama County Library, the Shinglus Library, the Burney Branch, Public Library and Reading The library.

Alternatives 2 was identified as the Agency's preferred and environmental alternative in FEIS. This alternative includes the following components:

1) ecological restoration in the wetland vineyard valley, which includes permanent filling of the drainage field;

2) Preferential service-center and housing arrangement comprising of tent booths, which includes a one-storey bathroom building located at the downtown Hotel Ranchi's historic district; And,

3) Removal of the deep lake and further movement of the area for the riparian / wetland complex.

Two alternatives have been analyzed in addition to the FEIS alternatives 2: Alternative 1, No Action Alternatives, continue the current management practice; And alternative 3, which includes:

1) Restoration of the Walker Gorge by installing metal sheets in the area of ​​the drum Medium within the dam area;

2) Concession service center and accommodation area, which consists of wet points located at the historic precinct of RSB guest rank,

3) Reconstruction of Lake Tba in the drainage engineering standards bureau.

For more information, or request a CD or printed copy, write Lassen volcanic national park, PO Box 100, MINERAL, CA. 96063-0100 or call (530) 595-4444, ext. 5101.