Laser writing of colored scalable colored centers of silicon carbide


Abstract imagery

Single photon emitters focus on silicon carbide (SiC) are attracted to quantum photonic systems (Awschalom et al. Nat. Photonics 2018, 12, 516-527; Atatur et al
al. Nat. Rev. The matter. 2018, 3, 38-51). However, in order to achieve scalable devices, it is necessary to make single photovoltaic inputs at desired locations. Here we monitor the control of one silicone vacancy (V.Si) Providers using laser letters 4H-SiC without any postannealing process. Based on the error correction and the inhuman process in writing, we create oneSi The centers take up to 30%, which are located within 80 nm of the desired position in the aircraft. We also investigated the laser's written formulation VSi Centers and concluded that about 16 photons involved in the laser writing formSi Center process. Our results are a powerful instrument in falsification of one VSi Centers for quantum technologies of quantum technologies and laser written defects containing diagnostic materials.

Support information is free at ACS publications website: DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.8b05070.

  • Laser writing processing; Laser writing array 40 mm depth; Pulse energy writing; Configure the configuration of the microscope; Severe damage marker range; Vacancies manufacturing mechanism; photon autocorrelation measurements and data guns (PDF)