Li Xinwei, Director of Luohe City Environmental Protection Bureau: Unswervingly Fighting Environmental Pollution Control

On February 16th, Li Xinwei, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, combined with the current work situation of “Two Cities and Tongchuang” and environmental protection in the city, stressed: “Currently, the city’s ‘Two Cities Tongchuang’ has reached the final sprint At a critical juncture, whether or not we can win this battle will be the overall development of the city. In the next step, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will focus on the task of “Two Cities and Tongchuang” and the task of environmental protection, with the core of improving environmental quality to build the country. The goal of the health city is to combine the environmental protection and the ‘two cities with the same’, and conscientiously implement the “Action Plan for Continued Fighting against Air Pollution Prevention and Control in 2017” and the “1+3+5” overall plan for water pollution prevention and control to promote the city. The comprehensive environmental remediation has been carried out smoothly.”

Unswervingly fighting environmental pollution control, The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will focus on the following four aspects:

The first is to focus on the “three key points” and continue to fight the battle against atmospheric pollution. Do a good job in the three key areas of special governance, strict control and source reduction, and promote the transformation of work content from key governance to system governance. The working methods are transformed from concentrated attack to tackling and normal governance, and resolutely win the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. Fighting hard. Focus on “governing” and comprehensively consolidate the achievements of governance. We must continue to strengthen dust pollution control, industrial emission pollution control, oil smoke control, motor vehicle pollution control and ban on burning with more stringent standards to ensure that measures do not reduce power, pollution does not rebound, and the effect does not decrease. Focus on “control” and strictly implement management and control measures. We will do a good job in the control of key time periods, key areas, and key industries, strictly guard against illegal emissions, and reduce pollutant concentrations. Focus on “reduction” and earnestly focus on reducing emissions at the source. Accelerate the construction of central heating and heating facilities, accelerate the replacement of clean energy, accelerate the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, adhere to the long-short synergy, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and focus on solving the current outstanding problems affecting the atmospheric environment, and fundamentally reduce pollution emissions.

The second is to highlight the “three guarantees” and comprehensively launch a battle against water pollution. To fully implement the “1+3+5” overall plan for water pollution prevention and control, to find out the causes of pollution in detail, carefully plan and tackle the measures, scientifically formulate water quality improvement plans, implement inventory management, project driving, key breakthroughs, and promote water environment. Rapid improvement. First, we must ensure the safety of drinking water in the city. Strengthen comprehensive rectification, strengthen water quality supervision, strengthen risk prevention and control, put the safety of drinking water quality at the forefront, and do a good job in all basic work. Second, we must ensure that the water quality of the seven provincial-controlled river sections meets the standards. Strengthen the prevention and control of industrial pollution, speed up the construction of pollution control facilities, comprehensively rectify non-point source pollution, focus on ensuring “good water” and “poor water”, and follow the basic ideas of “one river and one policy”, aiming at excellent water bodies and inferior five categories. The water body and the transboundary water body realize differentiated pollution control and fine management, and ensure that the water quality of the river section continues to reach the standard. Third, we must ensure the complete elimination of black and odorous water bodies. Comprehensive investigation, clearing the bottom, formulating plans, special governance, and completely eliminating urban black and odorous water bodies with a more determined attitude, creating a beautiful home with beautiful scenery, elegant environment and suitable living.

The third is to strengthen the “three major support” and strive to lay a solid battle for environmental pollution control. Environmental pollution control cannot be done overnight, once and for all. It is necessary to strengthen institutional support, capacity support, and scientific and technological support, further strengthen system construction, deepen supporting reforms, effectively improve environmental pollution supervision and governance capabilities, and achieve accurate and precise environmental pollution control. ,fine.

Four is to implement the “three-party responsibility” and work together to fight the battle against environmental pollution. The environmental pollution control points are wide-ranging. The whole city should firmly establish the “one chess game” idea, implement the “party and government responsibility, one post and double responsibility”, promote “business-oriented, law-based responsibility”, and promote “social participation, All the people are responsible, work closely with each other, and work closely with local governments and units that have weak implementation of responsibilities and outstanding environmental issues, and ensure that all measures for tackling and tackling measures are fully implemented and all tasks are fully completed.