When you're in the parking lot in the parking lot, usually there will be no problem at the end of the day. The next day, you can park a few spots further away. However, in the evening, your car, even though memories are very similar to both days. Your car (as well) because our brains will be able to recall the memories of very similar events as clear memories in the process called the sample. The researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria (IST) explain how to distinguish the brain of the brain in the brain's dimension. The results of their work have been published today Nature Communications.

Peter Ionas and his team, including the first author and doctorate Claudia Spinzina, José Guanan, the Jonas Group Group Postman, and the Associate Representative of the IMBA and Xiaomin Zhang Research Group, Postdoc, Dipheed Grips, Part of the Hypokamampus and the Brain Region, Which is needed for patterning, allows a dimensional crown to be deployed S mice.

In the bilateral gear, send two types of neurons signals: major neurons will release irritating signals, while interns send in inhibitory signals. The researchers tried to find out the rules of the relationship between them – neurons send signals to each other, relating to neurons interconnections or a lot of neuron signals for one major neuron. The signal between the neurons is known to know how neurons are connected and how the local circuit pattern works. Espinoza performed octuple the whole cell of the recordings in which he stimulated one neuron piece dentate gyrus and recorded how the other seven neurons react. With all the stimulated neurons labeled, he could reconstruct morphology of movement.

Researchers have discovered that one group of interns, paravallum exposed internees who are associated with a specific path only in a diuretic crown. In acute crowns, paravlumine exposed interns generally prevent neuronal activity in lateral inhibition. Other brain regions, such as neocortex, parbolemon-expressive interiors are not linked to this way. "We think that the unique union rules created by Paravallum International, such as lateral inhibition, represent a specific adaptation function in the specific function of the brain function," Claudia Espinoso, "Our Experimental Data Supports Idea, Works" winner-gets-it-everything "Which is reached by side Inhibition is a diagnosis, although it is still not confirmed, we need behavioral data and computer model that we work with. "

After the dentate gyrus separates similar memories to avoid them in the CA3 region after hippocampus keeps these memories. In a previous article published by science in 2016, Peter Jonas and José Guzman showed that the connectivity CA3 region hippocampus aims to recall information stored in the memories process called upon the completion of the sample. "Our group has found the rules of the Union that support the brain's functioning," says Espioza, "Our work promotes the optimization of the specific function of the brain area on local circuits, reaches the dentate gyrus, the path that dentate gyrus then computes this information, To achieve a sample separation is important. "

Claudia is a PhD student of the Espinosa Peter Petra Yona. Before Claudia Spain joined Austro in Doctorate in 2013, she worked with patients with neurological disorders. This experience was motivated by sponsorship in neuroscience: "I realized that my therapist work was very limited because the treatment that we gave patients was very scarce and was actually the most healing palliative and not therapeutic." The main reason is the nervous system work too Limited to most people I believe that most people considered the most important of the researcher's therapist's career. I think that creating knowledge is a good way to help our society and to help indirect people. " IST]Interdisciplinary Institute of Austria is fully funded by Doctoral in Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

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