Lithuania declares emergency situation as drought farmers

Last month was the hottest June ever recorded increase in temperature in the world capped by record-breaking heatwave acros

Last month was the hottest of June, which recorded the world's temperature in all Western Europe

Lithuania announced a special briefing on Wednesday, as a heavy drought followed the Baltic states, which threatens to reduce this year's harvest.

In addition to the growing crop, sharp rainfall has drastically reduced water level in several rivers, threatening fishing and shipping activities.

The formal declaration of "emergency situation" will enable the government to compensate farmers for certain losses and to help them avoid EU financial sanctions if they fail to meet the objectives of the product.

"The farmers believe that their harvest may be reduced by 40 percent or 50 percent, while fish supplies are endangering," said Minister of Environment, Lazica.

Lali Lagar said that "no one has doubts" that global climate change has been in the long run long and intense dry spells and heat exchanges in recent years.

He also called neighboring Belarus to increase water level in the Nerie Water, which would allow more water to flow into its reservoirs.

Last month was the hottest of June, having ever undergone the growth of temperatures in the world capped by a record heatwave across Western Europe, satellite data showed on Tuesday.

Lithuania also recorded the hottest June, 35.7 degrees height (96.2 degrees Fahrenheit) on June 12.

During the last week firefighters in West Lithuania and neighboring Latvia have caused warmth in the peat forests.

In other European countries, the Polish authorities said that this week, cereal crops are at risk of varying degrees of drought in 14 European Union regions in 14 countries.

The Czech Academy of Sciences said that the droughts will affect the entire country, 80 percent of the country's territory "to find a drought in the drought."

Czech Republic, Lithuania is the record for most of June

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