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Lotus Type 130 For Drivers Press publish 730x381 Lotus electric motor with new type 130

This is how it felt yesterday that Lotus did not release a new product for years. We were a little loud enough to know that there was a great deal in their headquarters in Norfolk. They have recently announced the release of new products in the near future, and it is very innovative. The new Lotus Type 130 is all electric hypercarrier, first Lotus or British manufacturer.

So how do you feel about it? Over time, they entered the 21st century, or are they fulfilled? On the one hand, Lotos fans should be sure that their favorite brand finally comes out and does something. On the other hand, they do not like the idea that the truth of the truth of the truth is ignored. Well, in fact, the details are still scarce in type 130 and they may well have found a way to produce some featherweight batteries. But what about the electric cars, they are quite high. Granted, they make-up for tons of oomph and instant torque. But Lotus is all about lightness and nimbleness. Can these features be in the new EV?

One of the things that are on the hot cables are: Lotus type 130. Fans know that after the Chapman Days type "names" are only supplied to the most hardcore models of athletes. These machines are not only the latest technologies but also new innovations. Taking into account this, we can safely assume that at least in order to retain the name of the policy and maintain the truth, they did not get the same trap as other EV super car makers. What we mean is that the best EV super cars are designed only for something, and this is a clear speed. They are surprisingly fast in the line, but not around the larger angles. And when it's good, let's say Rimak, Lotus can not be expelled.

However, the Lotus officials say the words of the past are about a clean break:

CEO Phil Popham said: "Type 130 will be the most dynamically implemented Lotus in our history, it's worth noting that our brand is a turning point and what we should be from Lotus."

Nevertheless, we'll wait and check Lotus type 130 at least in prototype form before we decide to use any form. The car is scheduled to take place in London earlier this year. It usually goes on for about a year with the first prototypes to become productive-worthy, and the second year has passed before the first product is ready to be delivered to customers. Another important aspect of this step is to see more electronic models in the future, especially in the GT segment. So if you are a Lotus enthusiast, keep an eye on development. There are interesting things afoot!

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