Love infectious disease


She kept drinking, a cup and a cup, laughing.


She laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Hey, handsome guys have a drink.”

She raised a glass of wine to the opposite man, squinting her eyebrows.

The heavy makeup is not suitable for her delicate face, it looks like a bar lady, and she does the same.

She evoked the shoulders of another strange man, and put the glass on the man’s fiery chest and circled.

The trick she is teasing is not very skillful, but she always shows a light car.

She quickly surrounded a group of men with her own beauty and debauchery. She smiled more cheerfully, like she wanted to deliberately laugh to whom.

She wants to have fun, and it is easy for her.

Now, she laughs so much in the man’s arms, and even laughs at tears.

The stimulation of alcohol made her only want to sink like this.

When the desire opens a small mouth, it will become out of control.

When God knows that she is still a shy little girl, how disgusted she is.

Everything has changed.

Changed, it won’t change back.

She should thank him for letting her know how men are, how much they love to lie.


At that time, she first met him, and she was the first time she was curious to enter the bar.

She was wearing a student outfit, a long black hair, far away, sitting in a corner of the bar.

The disappointment of strange men is disgusting, the women are indiscriminately indulgent, she wants to leave.

At this time, a man sat next to her.

He is very handsome and very serious, different from them. Just holding a glass of wine and a glass of drink. A touch of light, look at this world of flowers.

The girl simply thinks that he is like her, can not help but look at him, can not open his eyes.

The man found out, but he was not angry.

“Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I have been single for three years. What is the taste of love?”

The man said it himself, his voice is very good. With a unique mature atmosphere, took a sip of wine, paused, looked forward, and went out of the world,

“I have forgotten, forgot.”

A drink, the man’s face is already red, but still pouring wine.

The girl stopped: “Don’t drink, you are already drunk.”

“Hahaha, little girl, you don’t know, alcohol is a good thing.

The feeling of being drunk is very relaxed and happy. It seems that you can put down all the heavy things and indulge yourself.”

The girl asked in detail:

“If you want, why? Don’t talk about a relationship.

The man frowned.

“Talking about a love without ending will lose a lot. I am old and tired. I don’t want to Going for something and fearing to break my calm habitual life.”

The girl thought about it and asked:

“Why is there a love without ending?”

“Hahaha” man laughed again. “Because the shelf life of love is very short, unless you have been married, no one can stick to it for a few years.”

The girl shook her head and said she didn’t understand. .

The man saw that she didn’t understand the silence, and she came from drinking.

“You must feel that my thoughts are too radical and unreasonable. When you grow up, you will understand.”

The girl saw him drink another glass of wine, eyes She couldn’t hide the loss and loneliness, and she suddenly had a flash of light.

“Maybe you can talk about a love that doesn’t require any effort.”

The man laughed and touched her head.

“What do you say nonsense.”

The girl ignored him and continued to say excitedly:

“Tomorrow Valentine’s Day. You can find someone. Talk about the love of the day.”

The man stunned and looked at the girl.

“This way, you don’t have to pay, you can feel the sweetness of love.”

The girl said excitedly, as if she found a big secret, but she didn’t know, this is actually A trap, she trapped herself for herself.

The man smiles at the girl:

“But these women are not ideal lovers.”

“You can find one you like her, she I like your people too.” Her simple big eyes are screaming, it is easy to see that there is a desire for love!

How can a man not see it? He smiles and laughs:

“Do you like me?”

He gently crushed the girl’s horns The girl’s heartbeat stopped half a beat after the bun’s back and the nail touched the girl’s face.

Looking at his gentle smile, the ghost made a difference,


The man laughed, maybe he was just a pair I am happy with my own charm. Maybe he is laughing at the girl’s innocence.

However, in the eyes of the girl, he is a purely happy smile.

She’s blushing, and her hands don’t know where to put it.

It’s still quite positive:

“From tomorrow to sleep at night, I am your girlfriend. We have Valentine’s Day together…”

She didn’t dare to look at this man. She didn’t even think about what to do in the future, but she made an unrecoverable decision without knowing it.

The man left her a call.


The next day, the man gave her a surprise and gave her a deep kiss.

She has never been so happy, she laughs all day long.

Even in the dream…all are the gentle and romantic men.

She doesn’t understand what men are saying. If you can do this every day, it must be the happiest and happiest thing in the world. How can you get bored?

On the third day, she called the man…

On the fourth day, she called the man…

The fifth day, the man’s call But I can’t get through it anymore.

He must be busy. The happiness of the girl has not been digested in the past few days. She has been imagining what kind of surprise he will give me today!

Until the seventh morning, the man’s phone was opened…

It was another woman’s pick, and her lazy voice was obviously just waking up.

Maybe he forgot… maybe he dropped his phone… maybe that woman is his relative…maybe…

The girl simply thought about it, looking for it One hundred reasons justified him.

She is distressed, so it hurts and hurts. She never dares to look at the gift that the man sent her. She never dares to recall her tears. It is bitter and bitter.

She kept sending messages. Finally, the man gave her back information in the evening:

“I have been busy these days, I can’t accompany you, baby, that woman doesn’t care about her.”

Girls are happy Very much, I know that he will not leave me!

At the end of his tenth day, he came out to meet her without surprise, no distraction, only a warm kiss.

She didn’t dare to push because she was afraid of losing him. I am so scared.

The girl’s mind began to become complicated and moody.

Because the man’s words are even just a look, I am overjoyed.

Her tears began to flow, but she was as deep as a drug, and could not lack his love.

In this way, men are getting less and less to meet her, and they are getting colder and colder until one day there is no more information.

The girl thought very much, missed him very much, and sneaked into the bar.

She finally knows why he is no longer in contact with her–

He does not lack women around him, all kinds of ones, one bite a baby!

The sweet name she once thought was the most precious, only for her alone.

I know now that it was just a joke hanging on my lips.

It was raining outside. She put away her umbrella and laughed. The tears were hot and the rain was cold.

Now, she is holding a glass of wine lying in the arms of a strange man, her arms are warm, her tears are cool.

I have forgotten it and forgot it.

She took a sip of wine, lowered her eyes and went out of the air.

love infectious disease