Lover before you Japanese man & # 39; married & # 39; Hologram

Canotto's marriage can not have any legal status but he is not worried

Akihiko Kondo's mother refused to tell her only son's wedding this month in Tokyo, but it's not such a surprise: the hologram marriage.

"For mother, it's not something to celebrate," says a 35-year-old soft voice whose "bride" is a virtual reality of being a singer named Hausunuk.

In fact, none of Condoura's relatives did not get married to a 16-year-old animated eye and a long aqua-carpin pigeon, but it did not stop at the Tokyo formal ceremony two million yen ($ 17,600).

About 40 guests watched as he ridden with Miku, staying in the form of a cat-sized stuffed doll.

"I never regret her, I always love my son," he said, using an honor that is often employed in Japan, even with friends.

"Every day I thought about it," he told AFP's wedding a week later.

From March, Kondo lives with a homogeneous talk of homosexual, which is $ 2,800.

"I love the whole concept of Hausune Mic, but I got married to my house," he said, adding that the blue image in the capsule shines.

"Drop dead, creepy otaku!

She thinks herself a normal married man – her holographic wife wakes up every morning and sends her job as an administrator.

None of the Akihiko Kondo relatives attended her wedding hologram virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku

In the evening when he tells him with a cell phone that he comes home, it turns out lights. Later, he tells him when it's time to go to bed.

He sleeps with the doll's version, which attended the wedding, finished the wedding ring, which corresponds to his left wrist.

Condo marriage may not have any legal status, but it does not bother. She even got a doll in a jewelry store.

And the company Gatebox, which produces a hologram device that contains Miuva, a "marriage certificate", confirming that "human beings and virtual" are "beyond the measures".

Kondo is not alone on it: says Gatebox has released more than 3,700 certificates on the "crossing" marriage and some people sent it to supporting messages.

"There should be people who do not come forward and say that they want to have a wedding, I want to give them support," she says.

Kondo's way to Miku came to difficult clashes with women as an anime-mad teenager.

"Girls were saying:" Drop dead, tears Ottuka! "- recalls that using Japanese terms that can make a negative connotation.

Condo sleeps Miku's doll version, finished her wedding stamp

At the age of older he said that the woman was insulting her in the previous service and never married.

In Japan, it will not be completely unusual today. In the 1980s, only one man was married in the age of 50 at the age of 50, and this number is four.

But eventually Kondo realized that she was in love with Miku for more than a decade and decided to marry her.

"Sexual Minority"

"Mico-Sona is very much like the woman and also those who saved me," he said.

Condo says that she is "happy" with her friends, she does not have an interest in romance, no matter how much mother she wants.

Two dimensional characters can not be deceived, age or die, he notes.

"I'm not looking for these real women, it's impossible."

Coundo should recognize as "sexual minority" who can not imagine the flesh and blood of women

Even in the country that was in Damascus, the wedding of Condado was a lot of shock. But he wants to recognize as a "sexual minority" who can not imagine the flesh and blood of women.

"It's just not right, it's like trying to talk to a gay man into dating a woman or a lesbian relationship with a man."

"Diversity has long been called in society," he added.

"This will not necessarily make you happy to be a" template "in which a man and a woman are married and have children.

"I believe that all kinds of love and happiness should be considered."

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