Magnetic flap level gauge sensor design guidelines

The development of a magnetic flap level sensor is a complicated and meticulous work. As mentioned above, the correctness of the solution is discussed and the initial evaluation is made according to the functional requirements of the sensor. Ah Hardware and software design work, in terms of hardware, select existing MCU or embedded system and other large-scale integrated circuits to develop successful templates to meet the various needs of sensors, magnetic flap level sensor performance The implementation of indicators and operational functions must also rely on the design of the software, which is an important difference between the magnetic flap level sensor and the ordinary sensor design. Since designing a magnetic flap level sensor involves hardware and software technology, designers should have a broad knowledge and comprehensive skills,

Magnetic Flip Level Gauge Sensor Design Guidelines

Magnetic flip-plate level sensor

has a good basic quality. At the same time, in the development of the straight level gauge sensor, the designer must also follow a number of criteria and propose solutions to the problem, in order to design a magnetic flap level sensor that meets the requirements.

In hardware or software design When we follow the design principle from the whole to the local, we try to divide the complicated and difficult problems into several simple and easy-to-handle problems, and then solve them one by one. We begin to design the sensor function and the actual requirements to propose the total task of sensor design. , hardware and software block diagram.

In order to obtain a high performance-price ratio, the design of the magnetic flap level sensor should not be blindly pursued with high intelligence and complexity. Under the premise of meeting the performance indicators, a simple solution should be adopted as much as possible, because the simple solution means less components, high reliability, and thus economical.

The cost of the magnetic flap level sensor depends on the development cost and production cost. The development cost is only spent once. As far as a prototype is concerned, the main cost is chip debugging and welding. The hardware cost of the prototype is not a major factor to consider. When the number of prototypes put into production is huge, the average development cost of each product is lower. In this case, the production cost becomes the main factor of the cost of the magnetic flap level sensor. It is obvious that the cost of the sensor is on the product. The cost has a big impact. If the purchase price is low and the production volume is very large, the lower the cost of the flap level sensor, the more competitive it is in the market. On the contrary, when the output of the flap level gauge sensor was small, the development cost became the main factor determining the cost of the instrument. In this case, it would rather cost more hardware and minimize the development cost.

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