Magnetic Targeting, Tumor Microenvironment -Responsive Intellectual Nanocatalysis An Improved Tumor Ablation


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Therapeutic nanosystems, which can be caused by the distinctive tumor microenvironment possess a large selection and safety treatments for cancer Through the ground Transformation of non-toxic products in toxic therapy agents. Here is built intelligent, magnetic, and tumor reactive nanocatizers on microorganisms that can cause cancer oxidation therapy with the help of Concrete reaction to tumor. Iron carbide-glucose oxidase magnetic nanopartinal nucleus (Fe5C2Physical absorption has been achieved with high enzymatic load and manganese dioxide (MnO)2) Nanosheli as an intelligent "gate guard" protects God from early years until tumor tissue is not achieved. Leg5C2-GOD @ MnO2 Nanocotolites are active in systematic administration in normal cells. On the contrary, after endocytosis, tumor cells, tumoric acid microorganisms caused MnO's disintegration2 Nanosheli entered Mn2+ And oh2At the same time freeing God. Mn2+ It can become a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent in real-time monitoring treatment. Then generated n2 And was freed in the nanocotolists in order to be able to deliver the emissions of the glucose tumor cells, in parallel2Oh2 Which can accelerate further Fenton reaction catalyzed by Fe5C2 Magnetic core with mild tumor microorganisms. Finally, we have shown that the tumor specific production for the strengthening of high-tech hydroxyl radicals for the therapeutic effectiveness of enhanced anti -inetter and decreased mice system toxicity is minimal.

Supporting information is free at ACS publications website: DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.8b05042.

  • Numbers S1-S19. Temp image face5C2-Baby and Fe5C2@Min2; XPS and FTIR Spectrum Fe5C2-GOD @ MnO2 Nanokattalites; in vitro Hala cells cytotoxicity profiles and hemolysis5C2-GOD @ MnO2; CLL image of HeLa cells after co-incubation with Fe5C2-GOD @ MnO2 different times; Blood biochemical index and histopathological imagery; Room temperature magnetic hysteria loops Fe5C2 And leg5C2-GOD @ MnO2; in vivo Therapeutic Evaluation 4 t1Breast orthotopic and subcutaneous tumor model (PDF)