McLaren and Fernando Alonso will enter India's Apolis 500 next year

SAO PAULO – McLaren and Dual Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso will enter the next year of the Indianapolis 500, the team announced on Saturday. It will be Spain for the second time in the race, which he left in 2017 until he retired with a proprietary problem.

The 37-year-old, who struggles for the World Cup in the World Cup, leaves the formula at the end of this season and dates back to 26 May in Indianapolis, will not commit any obligation.

Alonso is the winner of two Monaco Grand Prix and won the Le Mans in 24 hours, which left only Indianapolis and became the second driver for the "Three Crowns of Motorsports." Late Briton Graham Hill, also twice a Formula One Champion and died in 1975, the only thing that was done was completed three times in 1972.

"I've been a three-time crown for a while … I had an incredible experience in Indianapolis in 2017 and I knew my heart to get back to me if I had a chance," Alonso said in a Brazilian Grand Prix.

"I am very happy to return to McLaren, it was always my first choice if I chose to do so, so I'm glad they decided to go.

"This is a strict race and we will be against the best, so it will be a big challenge, but we will survive and that's why we are race".

Alonso announced at Monaco Grand Prix last year that he won in Indianapolis, or did not give him much loss after McLaren's earnings were impossible to form with a single car and unreliable Honda engine.

Former F1 champions McLaren is the three winner of the 500 Indian wrestlers – a machine designed for Marc Donahoo in 1972 for private entry, in 1974 and 1976 to work with John Rutherford. They will compete in Brickyard next year at McLaren Racing.

"McLaren has a long and loving relationship with the Indianapolis 500 and it's an unfinished business with us," said Team Leader Zack Brown, who has already announced the full IndyCar season.

"The Individual 500 is not a cakewalk, it is a huge challenge, we have the best respect for the race and our competitors, so we are not illusions, but McLaren is racers first and foremost like Fernando, we're going to do it." (London Alan Baldwin's Writing , Clarar Flon editing)

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