Mega-landslides will be closed in May on the slopes 450 m

Strong landslides can be destroyed on the slopes of about 450 mph (725 km / h), which has been increased by slippery ice, according to a new survey.

Researchers Fabio Vittorio de Blassoo and Giovanni Battista Krosta, modeling landslide dynamics in Milan at the University of Milan, at the University of Milan, especially in the Valley Mariner, a giant canyon system near the equator on the Red Planet.

The duo discovered that this is a major player of ice and red drenched flows of ice-red planet in a wide spectrum of glaciers bases and / or spread.

"Only if the existence of ice is calculated in calculations, the results are relevant to the vertical collapse of landslide material and the ultimate humiliating and voter in the remote area, which clearly shows the great landslide Valles Marineris," they wrote in a new study published this month in the European Physical Journal Plus.

This finding conforms to other evidence, the researchers added. For example, the Valles Marineris landslides look a lot like the landslide here on Earth that will fall on the glacier, they write.

And then there is a Marsian landslide "speed.

The new inscription: The Mars Giant Valles Marineris Canyon system dominates NASA's Viking 1 orbiter in this mosaic of images.

(Credit Credit: NASA)

"Landslide's speed (often over 100 m / s and 200 m / s) is comparable to the relative velocity of entrepreneurs," writes researchers. "We conclude that ice can be an important soil of landslide on Mars, including in equatorial areas such as the Valley Mariner."

About one hundred and twenty meters (362 km / h), and about 450 mph (725 km / h) in 200 meters per second. According to the US Geological Survey, the "pyroclassic flowing" surface on volcanic slopes occurs at about 150 mph (240 km / h). And most of the above-ground landslides are slower than that.

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