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Automobiles and public transport supporters look from one big factor: Most of our cars are more than A to B. This is a escape, shelter, lonely castle, when you feel the blue party house when you do not. The machine, especially for young people, is the first time some of their best experience in life.

Yes, we are talking about intimate nature issues here. We do not know this fact, but we are sure that many young people have lost their virginity, which is on the back of the car. And this is usually a crappy machine, because young people can not afford – or do not have a nice one. But that's what makes it special. After years, when you remember, it's the first time he looks smile on your face. You think that the car loves, even if it was the most terrible piece of junk ever. You create an emotional connection with the car.

The personal car is also important for a significant part of the social life of young people. It's not just about how cool you are if you have a high school. It's just that hanging with friends always means some places and makes the car much easier. Moreover, and now we are talking about the second end of the range, driving can be the therapeutic only activity. There were several times when you went to the drive, was sad or sad. There is something magic about that alone with your thoughts, your car and a blank way.It is meditative.

And then all the pleasant places that you visit in your car are all traveling with loved ones, all adventures. A man or woman is part of his car. It's more than a simple car. That is why we think that all these car sharing services that are popping up left and right these days are doomed to fail. Do not start growing this start and do not buy them. People are always going to have a personal car. Even the most heavy-core green pick-up attorney can not deny confidentiality and mix a personal car. A common car is like a motel room. You use it when you are a pinch, but never like it.

It is surprising that this one of the newfangled technology is really very favorable for personal mobility. Autonomous vehicles, we think, are going to catch much earlier than anyone thinks. Of course, it takes away the joy and calming effect of a beautiful drive. But all this does a lot in the car, say, productive! For example, when you go on the way to the trip, for example, you can find a much cheerful way if you do not have to drive. Similarly, if you're going to get busy with Beau back, you do not have to waste time looking for quite a place. You just tell the car to start a neighborhood as you take care of the business. Best of all, you can get drunk off your back and still get home in your own car.

Every person can name each car, which belonged to him, not just because he liked everything. This is because it has cherished memories associated with each one. Do you say that? Use the car service and the kind of person you like to share with your personality. exists.

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