Mercedes AMG ONE 1 730x435 Mercedes AMG ONE Name Project Projects Name ONE

Probably because "the project" is not a particularly sexual name, Mercedes-AMG decided to drop the name of his new hyper car. Thus, the AMG project ONE recently just called Mercedes-AMG. It's a surprise, it's cool, and it's memorable.

And also the hint of all the formula for one of the technologies used in making the Mercedes-AMG one. The hybrid electric hyperker has a powertrain that closely resembles the F1 car. Look Wise, too, ONE is the most dramatic and breathtaking car Mercedes ever built. It has a multifunctional part of the two-stage rear flight race that forms the formula of the DRS system.

Those lucky enough to be able to purchase a Mercedes-AMG one take some special treats. AMG coffee bar, lounge and various information elements such as touchscreen animation, material samples and colorful examples. The custom built trailer with the extended side also feature the car, obviously, and they test it with close and all functions. The 350-horse beast is the 350+ km / h speed of the world's fastest hybrid dog, but it's fiercely competitive with McLaren, Bagat and Koenigst.

"Motorsport is not the end in itself, we are facing intensive competition on the development of technologies from which our vehicles are used, and we are drawing our experiences and successes to the three constructor and driver's world championships for the first time to get the Formula 1 technology on the road: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE- In ", – says the Board of Management T. Dr. Dieter vmjdomare zeshe Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz Cars-'s head.

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