Mobile payments deal for cotton farmers – Zimbabwe Mail

Harare – Cotton Farmers, who are struggling to provide access to the mobile account, can lose their network due to lack of network due to their remote zones, can now purchase the Cotton Marketing Association and the local telecommunications company's financial engagement deal.

Mobile network challenges, which have been used closely to cotton farmers who have not used mobile payment systems over the years, will soon end the cotton organizations signed an agreement on the spread of mobile financial inclusion operations for the affected cotton farmers.

"We are pleased to announce that all the farmers who can not afford revenue from cotton can now make one wallet one of the telecommunication companies," said Stuart Muborda, chairman of the Cotton Marketers Association.

Some of the injured farmers from Chechnya were slowly turning to the initiative saying that they had been overdue for a long time.

"It's a nightmare that your cotton is activated in time, not a network, but now with this money we get money and we use it," said one farmer from Chechi.

Zimbabwe's Bamboo Council President Paul Magango gave a partnership between the two sides as a crucial gesture in the presidential free cotton program.

"This partnership is pleasant, as it is known that the cotton has now grown in the presidential free cotton program, so financial inclusion is possible to enter rural areas," he said.

Cotton is a cash crop that provides more than 400,000 families and creates a minimum wage for the country's foreign currency.