Moo man! … castle rustler camps in bush, behaves like a cow – zimbabwe mail

The suspected cattle rustler moves around wearing a bell of his neck, grazing and doing other mannerisms associated with cows.

The man known as Noni, Boaşa, Matbao district, was said to have been known as cattle for years. The village says that there is suspicion that it could be stolen cow or stolen cow sold.

"We do not know what happened to him, we first heard rumors of other people, saying that Nion was moving.

"We were dismissed, but last week we pulled out our territory and it strangely crawled on his neck.

"He was sitting in the shops all day long until his brother returned home, but he refused," said the source.

It is known that Nion was sleeping in the night for two nights and her brother tried to use force to go home, but she fled.

Then he moved to Nunjanaab village where he stayed in Bush.

"There is no doubt that he might have been robbed or stolen by the livestock, because he says nothing about anything other than the issue of seed and does not make sense.

When B-Metro called his brother, Colvin Nion, and said that his brother had lost his marbles.

"As family we are still trying to understand what happened to our brother because he was always a normal person, but now his behavior needs a lot.

"Maybe he was enchanted because now he wants to stay alone in Bush and not want to remove his neck".

The brother revealed that they were going to help the prophets.