Multilayer Noninteracting Dielectric Metasurfaces Multiwavelength Metaoptics


Abstract imagery

Metasurfaces provide a wide range of platforms for manipulating the light wave using planar nanostructured surfaces. Transmitter metaphors are controlled by a full 2π phase, a particularly attractive platform that replaces the usual optical elements due to the small footprint and wide functionality. However, the speed of metaphor function is critical limitation and is directly associated with their resonant response or their Latvia diffraction dispersion. Although the multilateral and continuous group operation has shown, the elements are experiencing either low efficiency, reduced image quality, or limited battery size. Here we offer a platform that provides multi-lingual functions with the use of multi-dimensional dielectric metallic displays. To confirm the concept, we prove the duplication of multilaylimite metals (NA = 0.42), therefore, 38% and 52% efficiency respectively, respectively 1180 and 1680 nm wavelength. We will see how this approach can be extended to three wavelength metal and spectral spectrum. This approach can be found in fluorescent microscopy of applications, digital image and color route.

Support information is free at ACS publications website: DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.8b03017.

  • Details of design and full wave simulation, details of fabrication and dimension, measurement details, deployment regulations and extended simulation results (PDF)