New progress in lasers at the Shanghai Light Expo in Munich

On March 14-16, Asia’s largest laser, optics and optoelectronics industry event “2018 Munich Shanghai Light Expo” was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The show includes lasers and optoelectronics, optical and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology, imaging and machine vision.

Since American physicist Charles · Hard · Towns and his students Arthur · Shawlo made the first microwave quantum amplifier and gained height Since the coherent microwave beam, the laser has been paid attention to and developed due to its powerful energy, high-purity beam and single directional characteristics. The laser is basically composed of an excitation source, an optical resonator, and a gain medium. At present, lasers can be classified into five types according to the working medium of the laser: solid lasers (crystals and glasses), gas lasers, liquid lasers, and free electron lasers. At present, laser technology has been widely used in machining, spraying and welding.

With the popularization and application of fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers, carbon dioxide lasers are gradually losing their advantages.

Munich Shanghai Expo will see the new laser Progress

At this exhibition, American coherent companies brought a new generation of industrial fiber lasers and lasers in OLED display cutting applications, high-power fiber lasers are easy to complete Seamless welding of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. At the show, the global fiber laser manufacturing giant IPG demonstrated a variety of fiber lasers and high-power cutting heads with a maximum power of 20 kW, which can cut a variety of parts of different materials and thicknesses. Due to the strong demand for lasers, IPG’s performance has maintained rapid growth, and current products account for more than 70% of the global fiber laser market share.

Source: OFweek Laser Network