Nissan GT-R – Still Hot, or Outdated and Funny?

MY20 GT R NISMO Germany 1 Source 730x427 at Nissan GT R Still hot, or outdated and funny?

We know that some car manufacturers claim facades and items where they were not needed. For example, Hyundai tries to release a new sonata every other week, just because. However, Nissan collapses on the other side of the cliff. No other car maker has the stones to retain cars, as defined by a Japanese company, as seen on the 370Z and GT-R models.

In particular, the 370Z is a nerve-wracking car that still presents itself in the marketplace, with the new Cayman and BMW Z4 releases every year. Based on the old 350Z and with minimal modifications to its design and performance, this tired sports car still commands a huge price tag, demonstrating how cheesy Nissan is trying to make its sports models. They think they've done something amazing with them, which is why they keep it in production for about eighty years.

It's easy to see Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R. There was a time, centuries ago, when it first came out, it was a bit of a phenomenon. It was fast and brutal and bold. And everyone loved the kindness, neat technical features, and mind-bending capabilities it offered. You see, everything has changed since then, and the GT-R doesn't have that kind of thing. Of course, there was the weird nose job and the skin lift, and you put a lot of clay on their faces to cover the wrinkles for years. The GT-R, like its little brother 370Z, is very old in the modern world.

We can argue that the GT-R still has plenty of housing, and that V6 turbocharged engine still has plenty of juice under it. And that's true. But the fact is that the GT-R delivers a rude and mediocre performance that is no longer there. Get any new German sports car, even the supposedly softer AMG Mercs, and you'll get the same performance as the GT-R, but with much more comfort, convenience, features and, of course, better style. This big old fish is no longer new.

So I guess we've determined that the Nissan GT-R is no longer a hot thing, except for the rare hard-core fans. And it probably goes that it's outdated. You can of course get more money to get a Porsche Cayman or a BMW M4. And that brings us to another important point, and that is that the Nissan GT-R would still be worth the thought of not being so expensive. Choose one of these semi-decent and you will easily exceed one hundred grants, and Nismo finished models will easily go for $ 170K. It's weird, especially since you can buy this kind of money with a sleek and modern Aston Martin with a modern German engine.

But is the GT-R funny and idiotic, because here's the obvious outcome? We don't know about this car ourselves, but spending a lot of money on getting an old-fashioned design, good-natured refinement, eye-rolling costs, and a performance brand more dangerous than fun is, of course, idiotic and ridiculous. So maybe it's not that funny car. Maybe these are the people who are still buying it…

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