Nissan's Border Sentinel Concept is a modernized rescue pickup

On the previous day we wrote Volkswagen's Tarok truck concept in the 2018 São Paulo auto show exhibition in Brazil; In fact, Tarok is not the only noisy concept of the truck shown on the show. Nissan has provided the 2014 Border Version of the Border Sentinel.

The Border Sentinel concept is Nissan's future decade rescue truck. As well as a snorkel, a magician and a special lighting system, Sentinel acquires two Nissan battery packs to provide auxiliary power for rescue missions that are equipped with any kind of Brazilian relief from the jungle mountain in the dark. Besides battery packs, custom cargo is equipped with mountain rescue mechanism, such as ropes, axes, flashlights, tools, etc. And on the surface of the cargo area, Helpad has a search plane.

As for the color schema, Nissan declares that it is the impression of South American pine tree variety. Of course, the Border Sentinel looks like this could be a star star of the sci-fi movie set in South America – there's a bit lost World Mercedes ML-Class style. Knobby tires and bulky disks add cci-fi epic merchandise cargo look.

The customs border saw a new cargo generation based on what is available on the US market: North American borders will again enter the vintage bones of the year 2005 by 2019.

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