Nonlinear Chiral Meta-Mirrors: Light Polarization Ultra Ultra Switch Technology

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Photonic nanostructures that realize the ultrasound shift of light polarization are needed to advance the field of optical information processing. The unprecedented flexibility of light manipulation metaphor types makes them a promising candidate for active polarization control. However, due to the absence of a fast and large refractive index change in optical materials, the photonic metadata that can be used to modify the ultrasound polarization remains an error. Here, an ultrathin non-linear chiral meta-mirror consisting of amorphous silicon (α-Si) split-ring resonators on top of the silver backbone is shown as a possible platform for picosecond all-optical polarization transmitting infrared light to picojoule-per resonator pump energies. This success was made possible by the high quality factor resonances of the proposed meta-atoms, allowing the mirror to exhibit strong chiropractic and enantioselectivity. Experimental results confirm that our meta-mirrors can be used to facilitate high-speed and energy efficient polarization and state modulators.