Nontraditional defects in quasi one-dimensional KMn6Bi5

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Quasi one-dimensional (Q1D) structures that comprise a compact array of indefinitely long 1D nanowires (NWs) are scarce, especially across bulk devices that exhibit metallic and semiconducting behaviors along different axes. Unlike many observations of the nature of defects in three- / two-dimensional materials, such references are noticeable in Q1D. Here we present unconventional motive defects and their properties in bulk Q1D KMn6B5 A crystal in which an individual NW motif acts as a single organ. We found motile inter- and intra-NW defects, so that the linear set of 1D motifs is displaced. Stress generates two domains with altered inter-NW layout and Bi-Mn solid solution grains, causing local bulk plasmon shift due to NW array reconstruction as well as atomic conversion. Observing such exotic defects and their associated phenomena in this Q1D may provide guidance on the overall mechanism of defects in other Q1D systems and their collective isotropic properties.