Old age is also an infectious disease

I know a big sister. After her husband’s death, she had a hard time raising her son. She was admitted to a university in the field. Her son went to college. There was only one person left in the family. Next, get along with each other and find a divorced man who can say everything in all respects.

The boyfriend surnamed Li, working in a design institute, has a son, and after returning to the woman, she is now an adult. After meeting, the two people had a good impression of each other. After getting along for a while, they lived together. They were all bumpers and did not take the form. The two did not ask for a banquet, nor did they have a red card. Half a year later, the problem came, and Lao Li brought the son who had previously said that he was an adult. The kind-hearted Sister Shang did not ask, thinking that it would only be a few days to go, but when Li Xiaoyi stayed, he did not mean to go.

It doesn’t matter. They are twenty-seven years old. They don’t go to school or work. They play computer games at home during the day and night. The bowls don’t wash, the clothes don’t wash, and they don’t take the initiative to stack quilts, let alone Clean up the room and clean it up.

 is also an infectious disease

After the lazy stay, the original singer and the old Li began to appear, and then there was a quarrel. For the lazy and dirty Xiao Li, Shang Sister is not only moving, but also I don’t want to go, just like facing a piece of hob meat, Ren Shang’s elder sister made all the stops, and there was no solution. In the second half, Shang Dajie’s cooking was not right, and the two of them would even ask for sin. Undoubtedly, everything of the lazy guy has been embarrassed by the old man, at least the pet. No way, Shangdajie excused the old face and once again begged the old friend, that is, he and Lao Li’s introducer came forward, and finally ended a nightmare.

 is also an infectious disease

It is said that people living in the southeastern coastal provinces of China’s land are very young people who look down on the three northeastern provinces. Why? It is said that the young people in the three northeastern provinces do not want to fight for themselves. What are their desires, they are looking for their parents to meet them. In their twenties, there are many people in their thirties, and even people in their forties and forties are not unusual. Whoever cultivates the bad habits of these lazy and lazy women is their poor mother.

Of course, their bad habits are not developed overnight. For this, their grandparents and grandfathers are also indispensable. Once the bad habits are developed, it is very difficult to change them, especially if they do not want to change this. The performance of the old and the sick is dependent on the parents. In recent years, with the improvement of the social life of the whole society, the level of material desires that rely on the support of parents has also quietly improved the grade, relying on parents to buy mobile phones, to buy cars. To buy big houses, save money, travel, and so on.

It is emphasized that while they are rapidly upgrading the level of material desires, the basic needs are still dependent on the parents’ supply services: buying food, cooking, and so on. Hey, if people don’t stand on their own feet, letting you shout out the dragons is also helpless.

Undoubtedly, the old man is a negative social phenomenon that has been self-sufficient. Although it has been attacked by various media, it has not disappeared. From some level of feedback, there is also infection and even The signs of spread.

There is a classmate named Yang Lan. Although he was born with a beautiful man, his fate is not good. After divorcing from his ex-husband, he also found a wife at the age of 37 or so. Years are still calm, five years later, the new wife’s daughter graduated from graduate school, and the family that was abandoning the mother and the family was not warm enough. She lived in the house of Yang Lan, the stepmother and her relatives. Also, the girl was big, and later There are many inconveniences in front of me, and it is also human nature. I live in my stepmother’s house, at least there are no colored eyes on my back.

Yang Lan can also understand the difficulties of the stepdaughter and promised that the stepdaughter will come in. However, after the stepdaughter came in, the contradiction was immediately revealed. The stepdaughter who was not low in education was also a lazy old man. After the step-by-step meal, Yang Lan did not care very much. What Yang Lan couldn’t stand was deeper in the middle of the night. The exaggerated reaction of the poorly-missed woman who was not able to marry in the living room looked at the exaggerated reaction of the Korean drama in the living room. Ghosts are not as good as ghosts, it is really unbearable! At the end of the game, Yang Lan and his wife’s wife parted ways to end.

Undoubtedly, the above two stories belong to the old and old, until the example of the stepmother. Recently, I heard a female colleague complaining loudly about her family affairs. The female colleague is a solitary woman. Her family is very rich. She belongs to a family that is rich first, lives in a villa, drives a BMW, and assets? Listen to that tone, and say that there are tens of millions of dollars. It is unattractive to say that the assets of Nuo Da are obviously nonsense. The husband of the female colleague and the parents of the female colleague’s husband, the female colleague’s in-laws, secretly made up their minds, not speculation.

If you can borrow light, why bother to fight hard? The idea has been fixed. In daily life, if the money is not enough and dare to spend money, the pension of two thousand yuan added by the two people is obviously insufficient to meet the expenses of the female colleague and in-laws. The female colleague of the hole will always go back to her family to ask for money.

The female colleague complained, but the other side did not make a mistake, because she did not want to divorce, accurately said that she did not want to divorce, her aunt did not allow her to divorce, would rather pay for it outside The old couple who played mahjong on the day. This is not another infectious disease of the old disease. It is, absolutely, a typical example of the old man who went to his family.

Text/Cooperation of the Lord, Wang Dezhu