Our sun will die before Christal

The team paid special attention to the 15,000 white dwarfs by the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite, which accurately reflects the star's age, types and positions.

Gaia has discovered abundant stars that can not be grouped by age or mass, which astronomers want to do to classify starred objects. A closer look showed that these weird stars are much slower than expected because the heat exceeds a great degree.

In other words, the stars are slower, due to all the crystalline growth. Some stars may remain like Peter Pan for two billion years – a good part of our world's 13.7 billion years history.

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Astronomers believe this process has been theoretical for decades, but this is the first case when the direct evidence of the spacecraft was suspended, as white gnomes were strengthened in crystals. But there is more work to do.

Trombullah said that he and his research team would better understand how to model their plasma and nuclear physics to better understand how the transformation occurred.

"It will help us learn the true internal composition of white dwarfs – carbon oxygen fraction – and the nuclear reaction speed that gives us an even more accurate age and star's evolution," he said. "Some of these achievements can be made with white dwarf water, which is also in the process of crystallization."

Although the white dwarf crystal phase is fascinating, they will remain forever. Finally, the white dwarf will continue to cool and lose the remaining traces of the atmosphere. The ultimate fate will be "a fully solid black dwarf," Trumpell says that at least a thousand years will be reduced to a minimum until the dwarf breaks – or he will destroy it before it expands.