PEUGEOT 508PHEV 1809PB 009 730x395 Peugeot opens a new additive in the hybrid range

Peugeot announced 3008 and 508 new versions of the new products. In the autumn of 2019, a hybrid 3008 jeep, 508 and 508 W HYBRID and HYBRID4 systems.

Main features of Peugeot hybrid systems include ZEV 100% electric mode, 4-inch mode HYBRID4, sports mode, comfortable mode or hybrid mode. They are pleased to have 11.8 KWh and 13.2KWh capacity between the Lithium-ion (300V) battery. This battery allows up to 30 miles per one electric power. As for the energy saving functions, they have an I-Booster, a brake system that acts as a car brake or decelerates and e-SAVE that has a route route.

PEUGEOT GAMME PHEV 1809PB 001 730x200 Peugeot presented a new additive hybrid range

Considering the small size of the Peugeot Module Hybrid Panoramine, the full value can be reached within two hours with Wallbox (6.6 kW 32A). Hybrid models are a special version of iCockpit, which gives priority to the relevant information such as management mode, electric gauge and available electrical distance, as well as electricity consumption and fuel consumption. In terms of power, 508 and 508 SW Hybrid will receive 225hp / 165kW (180hp / 132kW engine + 110hp / 80kW electric), and 3008 HYBRID4 packages 300hp / 220kW (200hp / 147kW + 110hp / 80kW).

PEUGEOT PRODUCT DIRECTOR, said "PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid engines is a unique opportunity for the brand to fill the vibrant fluid PEUGEOT 3008 jeep and all new PEUGEOT 508 and 508 SW. They give our customers the opportunity to purchase a powerful 3008 jeep AWD or 508 (Fastback or SW) Which is effective and provides improved feelings. "

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