Piston-free laser for taper-free punching

The laser processing industry is increasingly demanding precision taper punching of glass and similar materials. Fiber lasers from AdValue Photonics, USA, enable high-speed, non-tapered punching of transparent glass materials with chip sizes less than 20 μm, providing a cost-effective solution that was previously thought impossible.

Using a picosecond laser for taper-free punching

The traditional laser drilling process usually results in the formation of tapered holes, so a series of 5-axis beam steering systems are needed to dynamically adjust the angle of incidence of the laser beam. Synchronize with the punching action to minimize taper. However, these systems are expensive and difficult to adjust and maintain.

In the transparent material, the taperless process can be realized by a conventional galvanometer scanning head. Traditionally, this process uses a Green Photodiode Pumped Solid (DPSS) laser with a pulse duration of tens of nanoseconds, resulting in a chip size of more than 120 μm. For processes with chip sizes less than 20 μm, picosecond lasers are required; at the same time, the taper-free process requires the same process originally developed for green-light DPSS lasers.

AdValue uses EVERESTpico 1μm laser with 1 MHz repetition rate and M2= 1.3, 50 picosecond pulse duration, 50μJ pulse energy, usually at high speed in glass and sapphire materials. 20 μm taper-free punching.