Quantum saves mass as science redefines a kilogram

Scientists may evaluate how quantum energy is needed to move mass and calculate their calculations very accurately

In parallel, the size of the sealed apple in the palace of the Sacchari Palace in the Palace of Sacomorous Floods, west of Paris, determines the weight of the world.

After the French Revolution, falsified falsification against the background of scientific and political destabilization, one cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy for almost 130 years is the world criterion, which is exactly the kilogram.

The international prototype of the kilogram, or "LEG-K", as it is commonly known, is one of the most pure holiness of one of the scientists, the analogy against which all other weight is comparable and the metaphorical system of equilibrium, equality and fraternity with the epoch of literature.

It is so great that we have only four times weighed out in 1889 and the opening of a room in the Pavilion de Breuville room can be opened only when three residents are key owners to whom safety guarantees should be from different nationalities. at the same time.

And will soon come out of work.

Hundreds of scientists from all over the world will gather this week's opulence of the Versailles Palace at 26 General Conference Weights and Dimensions.

Where they fulfill the fulfillment of the Memorandum of Promise for All Ages, everyone will replace Global K with a universal formula to replace kilogram by using quantum laws of nature.

"Kilogram is the measurement of the last object based on physical objects," says Thomas Grenon, director of the French Metrology and Testing Laboratory.

"The problem is that life could have been causing it, it's not enough, considering the need for precision today."

What's second?

In the 18th century, scientists must form a codification of the structure, which reflected distance, time and electrical processes and mass media.

Kilogram is the "Grand K" mass, platinum and iridium cylinders, established in 1889 in Paris, France, and the International Bureau of Enemies.

They define the meter as ten million miles in the pyramid of the earth, naturally.

"We now remember and say that the process was quite good and we could not do very differently today," said Martin Milton, BIPM's international spy measurement system.

The meter was used to determine the mass: though much cubic decimeter (10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm) weighed the water, and now it is called kilogram.

But scientists have moved away after the revolution.

The meter is determined to see how far the light is gone at the vacuum during the second faction.

The second was about rotation of the earth. But since the 1960s he was officially cesium-133 atom to increase 9,192,631,770 times – not revolutionary.

Instead of related to the singular physical object, the kilogram will be determined in the future as compared to the constant – the quantum energy ratio, the light frequency can have the same frequency, or 6.626 x 10-34 gushes per second.

Energy is intensely associated with mass, as Einstein demonstrated its equation E = mc2.

Planck's permanent, two quantum phenomenon, which allows for the creation of electricity, use massive materials to calculate equivalent mechanical power based upon it.

"If you set up massively, you need the power to depend on it and you can completely build electricity by our quantum constant," Milton told AFP.

The supporters of this approach say that it will be at least one million times more stable than physical artefacts and will have practical programs in a number of future.

The kilogram physical object will soon change with quantum calculations, but the artifact is not yet completed in science

"For many applications, one kilogram is very large," said Milton.

The pharmaceutical and chemical means of medicine in medicines are achieved in medications and are more accurate.

"One kilogram is a good potato where there is no need for a lot of accuracy, but it is not the right weight for many applications of science and industry, the new system is enormous."

"States come together"

Scientists also use the Versailles Summit to change how it is defined by the universal laws of nature, such as ampere (electric), kelvin (temperature) and mole (atoms).

Milton said that the decision was a guarantee that the world always agrees with exactly what one kilogram would be – sugar, liter water or exact quantum ratio.

"We are in a world where people are concerned that the suspension of multilateral movement is suspended and may be reversible, but here it is really in the field of measuring science," he said.

As for Le G's K, it may be useful as a perfect kilogram, but its contribution to science is far from it.

"It will remain in the basement under conditions that have existed since 1889," said Milton.

"This is a long-term experiment, because in decades we will gain weight to see how these conditions react and it is still interesting to science."

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