Queens Neighborhood Discreet Amazon comes to town

London Queens in New York, this may be a new satellite home for Amazon

New York's Long Island City, where Amazon is taken to create a new home, is a neighborhood stream-building facility for warehouses and skyscrapers, where some fears online retail giant will only be worse.

Although not officially announced, The New York Times reported that Amazon, who is in the headquarters of Seattle, ultimately responded to the search for the second base.

The plan appears to be different from the two new neighborhoods on the East Coast, one in Washington, and the other in Long Island, the island of London.

For those who do not reach the water, long island city synonym is a giant neon red "Pepsi-Cola" sign from Manhattan, which was sealed off by a swimming company factory in 1999.

This was London City for most of the 20th century – industrial zone near the river and railway network.

But de-industrialism acquires a neighboring country in the early 21st century.

During the last 10 years, dozens of new towers have been formed, including a new, more richer variety, including Ralph Lauren and Uber, who came to Manhattan and New York airports.

View from the city of Long Island, on the east side of Manhattan

The East River bank was recharged in a landscape park, invading designer-stolter and jogger.

"They built, constructed, constructed," says Pascal Esseruti, who belongs to the city of London, the city of London, Franz Bistro Tournell. "Amazon comes to you whether it's no different if it's not, it's going to be someone."

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"Over the last 10 years, it's just a part of the neighborhood," says Mike Barrot, a manager at the Skykens cycle shop in Long Beach, Long Island.

The exact "campus" space that Amazon can be inhabited has not yet been identified, but there are many options in the neighborhood where uber modern skyscrapers rub shoulders with disused factory chimneys.

Some of the comparisons of Long Island City of Williamsburg are probably the most chic Brooklyn neighborhoods and of course the most fashionable and most striking example of gentrification over the last 20 years.

There is a questionable balance between young families that are moving and buying at elevated prices – although still lower than in Manhattan and in the long run.

The exact "campus" space that Amazon could have inhabited London City has not yet been identified, but there are many options in the neighborhood where uber modern skyscrapers rub the shoulders with disused factory chimneys

"Many people do not own, but they live here for 15, 20 years and they get the price," Bartrot said. "They broke up."

Long Island City has turned into a commuter city, a complaint to Escriout. "People stay home and when they're going to go, they go to Manhattan."

Several luxury high-end buildings for high-ranking Amazon customers, who came to the company, are starting well, said Jonathan Miller, executive director of real estate firm "Miller Samuel".

Amazon's arrival may end "essentially bailing out developers that have gone ahead despite excess supply … the most product that will be built is skewed to luxury rental projects," he said.

"Congressional Transit"

Many people think that it will have an effect of 25,000 new employees, which will have a crisis-prone public transport system.

"It's not a deal," said Jimmy Van Brammer, a New York City Council's Long Island Electorate.

Many of the islanders on the island are concerned about how the thousands of Amazon employees are influenced by public transport

"As long as nothing is proven with Amazon, we want to make sure that we can do that and that sustainable infrastructure will be in place to prevent our societies.

"We can not allow long-term residents to grow with increased lease and overloaded transit," he added.

He responded to the lack of transparency in conversation with the newly elected Democratic governor of New York Andrew Kuomo, all the benefits of the fact that they could be.

"I will do whatever I can do to make it a reality," Cuomo said last Monday, pledging that Amazon would be "a great economic stimulus" state.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who traditionally connects with the governor, is on board.

"There will be hassles, there will be challenges but I think we can locate them," he said on Wednesday.

"We will invest in infrastructure, I think it's worth it."

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