Rangiya students of Assam sensitized on the environment of conservation

The Government of Syria will lead the "Green and Clean Asa" of Serabando's Soon, in cooperation with the Forest Department, MyGov Assam, to organize an interactive session with the students of Cindyidian Vidyamandir High School.

Keeping the topic as "beating plastic contamination", the session aims to create and spread awareness of green and pollution free Assam.

The program started on the plantation.

In order to get acquainted with the freezing states of Donetsk Dream, the Forest Department staffed and interacted with schoolchildren with Avamu.

At the meeting, students were given an in-depth knowledge of plastic products in place to prevent plastic pollution and adopt eco-friendly alternatives.

The Forest Department representatives gave students some important advice.

Radial environment 1
The solemn distribution dedicated to the International Day of Environmental Protection was held on 02-06-18 at Righina Dadiani in Vyzipeta High School. Photo UB photos

School students will appreciate and support their efforts to create their own works by using the thematic skills around them.

The students also announced their various questions before the team of environment and forest department and Migois Asami.

The main guest of the event was Babes Gallet, MoS lrrigation (londendent) and revenue.

Other attractions participating in the event were the additional director of forests conservator I. Suriyanaranaana, Forest Department, Ananda Khatanari, Environmental Activist and Brand Department Ambassador.

Although Babeshkat promised to provide all the necessary environmental protection, Ananta Khatanyi addressed pupils to produce their birthday annually.

Khatariyan added that "our efforts can control pollution by planting trees on the river bank".