Robin Denhamlia, Chairman of the New Council of Tesla

After weeks of Tesla Inc., the electronic producer, independent accountant, Australian accountant Robin Dennhol, helped the chairman of Elon Musk.

The change in the Silicon Valley firm's structure, which is supposed to be a mask, the September trial with regulator supports Wall Street, who thinks his informal behavior undermines the company's progress.

Analysts and investors are concerned that this should be a strong independent figure that can bring the billionaire public speech and make more orders for Tesla.

Danohehli has been leading the independent board and audit committee since 2014. He paid 5 million dollars, mainly in stock packages, last year by the company, which became the highest pay of its board members.

"I think the external candidate would be a better choice," said NordlB analyst Frank Shlop. "He's an easy way to Elon Musk to keep it so far."

Denholm is currently the chief financial officer of Australian Telecom Operating Telstra Corp. He began his career at Arthur Andersen, a global accounting firm, and worked in Toyota and Sun Microsystems.

"I did not go from aircraft or bugs or any personnel," he said in Australia in 2011.

"But I get professional risks, making the best decisions – all with you – and move quickly," he added.

Although Tesla finally begins to believe that Musk's promises were produced by the Model 3 sedan, it seems that the company's future, it has lost its chief executives in sales, human resources, production and finances in recent months.

His vice-president Gilbert Pazin left last month.

The company discussed the turbulence of months related to the behavior of Musk's society, the gift of which became Tesla's most talked about business in the world, along with analysts, analysts, Wall Street investors and rapper Azealia banks.

He is being sued by calling one of the divers back this year's Thai cave to save "pedo."

The 55-year-old Australian, Denham, said the only thing that really frustrated his nonsense and waste.

"I do not like people taking resources, or if people and persons do not live with their potential and do not value anything, it does not matter whether you are the oldest person in the room, the youngest," he told the newspaper.

He receives both Tesla's chair immediately and will leave his role as a CFO and strategy head Telstra once his six-month warning period is over with the company, Tesla said. In July he named Telestra CFO.

He will be a full-time chairman and will temporarily overturn the Chairman of the Tessa Audit Committee until he leaves Tolstra.

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