Robotics car electronic coach, thundered the entire circle of friends?

In the recent circle of friends, there has been a series of articles about the latest black technology of Anhui Hip-hop Network Technology Co., Ltd.: Hip-hop robot car electronic coach (note, not a bionic robot), which describes the hip-hop robot learning car electronic coach. Not only can you speak like a real-life coach, but also encourage people, praise people, and even more dangerously start the brake system. It is a bunker.

<The following is a crazy forwarded video: >

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After reading this video for the first time, I believe you are just like me. Deeply being thundered by such a black technology:

It does not require a “sub-brake and a trainer” to brake on its own, and it can recognize the presence or absence of obstacles like an eye. Danger.

It can automatically identify the “circle” prescribed by the “master”, and be “loyal and loyal” to stick to the post, to be a good teacher, good employee, good teacher.

In addition, it can even remotely control and listen to the command center to give orders.

However, when I came back to think about it, I felt that it was a bit unreliable:

1, the school car electronic coach is like a real person. When you talk, you will instruct the students to learn the car. The teaching staff will master the driving skills. In theory, if there is intelligent automation equipment plus voice interaction technology at work, it can be done by the robotic electronic coach. However, in the video. We did not see any similar “robots”.

2. When people drive a motor vehicle, they usually rely on their eyes to identify the surrounding environment. Even with the most professional drivers, they can’t continue driving. What do hip-hop learners use? Where did you arrive? Fudge is confusing.

3. The video does not show any “long robots like humans.” Where does the voice of teaching come from, what replaces the human eye?

In addition, the video ends with the fact that the hip-hop robotic e-sportsman takes the initiative to brake and automatically extinguish the fire when he leaves the prescribed area. Is it really human-conscious? Even if it has human consciousness, how can it be so obedient?

However, doubts are suspected, and people would rather believe that it is true before they are officially recognized. The crazy biography of the domestic circle of friends illustrates this point. However, the rumor terminator finally came. Recently, the official public number of Anhui Hip-hop Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially released another video to explain that the video above is true, and that the robot is divided into “industrial robots and biomimetic robots.” “, after reading the guarantee, let you open your eyes and open your eyes.

Robot learning car electronic coach, thundered the entire circle of friends ?