Rocket-maker ArianeGroup reduces 2,300 jobs

The ArianeGroup said it was a tough competition from US space companies

The European Space and Defense firm ArianeGroup has reduced the number of 2,300 jobs by 2022 as the installation of a new rocket and the launch of a new rocket is coming to an end.

The company said that it had a stiff competition from US space companies whose business was "enhanced by a large volume of institutional orders".

The ArianeGroup will make cuts not to replace employees who leave or retire.

The joint venture of the European space company Airbus and the French group Safran, now employing 9,000 people in France and Germany.

Ariane missiles constructor, European Space Agency employee, ArianeGroup also produces ballistic missiles.

Ariane 5 missiles will soon be replaced by Ariane 6, which will be about 40 percent cheaper to pressure Elon Musk's SpaceX.

But European buyers have only ordered 20 Ariane 6 missiles.

Other countries, such as India and the US, prioritize their space companies and "close their markets for foreign competition," said ArianeGroup.

ArianeSpace, a company that launches missiles, recently pointed out that he was confronted with "unprecedented competition", particularly from SpaceX.

The US firm now has more missiles than orbit, which are responsible for most of the European running.

"Americans – let's not say our words – decided to destroy Europeans," said the union of ArianeGroup recently in an internal memoir and accused that European space companies only decided to delay Ariane 6-

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