Saturn's Seals Explore Organic Compounds, Cassini's Grand Finale

"Water ice, besides the newly discovered organic compounds, come from the rings faster than anyone thought – as much as 10,000 kg per second," Wait said. "The rivers obtained from the river brought lots of water, like molecules of balloon and propane, such as chemicals used in grill or tent stove."

Cassini ionic neutral array spectrometer and other instruments are found in 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds) per second. It is enough to complete the complete destruction of Saturn's diamond in just 100,000 years, since this indicator remains constant. Also high carbon content (more than 50% of the mass) within the rings was found. These astounding scientists, because they will see light compounds in helium and hydrogen, which are rich elements of Saturn's atmosphere.

"Saturn is a higher carbon / hydrogen ratio than Jupiter, and cassine data indicate that if the influx of millions of years is going on, then the full volume of print material can reach this expansion," Miller told Sexters. "If the inflow rate is changing, the inflow will continue to contribute significantly to the expansion, which depends on average."