Science and technology and archaeology are inseparable. Modern technology restores the true appearance of the ancients.

China Social Science Network–《Journal of Social Science of China》August 6th, China (Reporter Lu Hang) Are the Shaanxi beauty in the Qin Dynasty all the same? Now, Northwestern University technical experts have made important breakthroughs and can lead people. Through the time and space of 2000, I have a glimpse of it.

The National and Regional Joint Engineering Research Center of the Digital Heritage of the Northwest University Cultural Heritage has achieved important results in the restoration of the skull face of the ancients. Using computerized craniofacial rehabilitation technology, the researchers first restored the face of women in the Qin Dynasty in China, which provided the possibility for archaeologists to restore the appearance of the ancients through the skull wreckage thousands of years ago.

 Science and archaeology are inseparable from modern technology to restore the true appearance of the ancients

According to Northwestern University Information Science and Professor Guo Guohua from the Institute of Technology introduced that the researchers inferred the age range at the time of burial by the “Carbon 14” identification of the ancient skull and the anthropological statistical analysis and evolution analysis, and extracted from the existing modern human craniofacial database. With the soft tissue thickness of people of the same age group, a three-dimensional model is established, and the face of the ancients is restored by 3D printing technology, thus bringing digital archaeology from theory to reality.

Some scholars believe that the restoration of ancient people’s appearance through digital archaeology makes history no longer a boring document and historical materials, making it easy for the public to touch history and understand history. The researchers have restored more than 60 ancient appearances including the labor service of the Qin Dynasty and the Princess Li Lan of the Tang Dynasty. At present, this computer-based craniofacial recovery technology, which is at the leading position in China, has been applied in the fields of identification of criminal investigation, medical plastic surgery, and human origin.

: Digital ancient archaeological recovery looks

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