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Facial massage using a roller can increase the skin's blood flow more than ten minutes after massage. It can also improve vasodilation – vascular expansion, in a long-term perspective, according to research conducted by researchers in Japan.

Beauty experts draw on them and buy millions from us, but what do scientists do with the massage rolls? The results of the use of facial massage roles have been revealed over time in several studies.

Tokyo Holland University and Tokyo Holland University and Research and Development Center, MTG Co. Conducting short-term experiments with healthy men and women volunteers to explore a massage roller for use with skin and blood circulation in Nairobi's Institute of Liberal Arts Institute (Tokyo Tech) Institute.

With a short-term experiment, the 5-minute massage content can be significantly increased in the skin's flavor massage with about 25%. Visualization of blood circulation changes has been achieved through non-invasive methods of laser spots.

One surprising result was the duration of the effect after five minutes of massage. "Using the massage rolls to increase the blood flow to the skin is much more than we had expected," the researchers say in their study Medicines containing therapists. "Short-term mechanical stimulation has increased muscle rolls to increase blood flow to the skin for ten minutes, only in massage."

In the long-term experiment, researchers have studied daily massage results in the right cheek at five weeks. They also studied heat stimulation reactivity with heat stimulation, which envisaged the use of heating emissions from 40 ° C to check whether any changes in blood reaction reaction.

The results of long-term research indicated that the roller was improved by the blood flow reaction, or Vasodilating reaction to cause stimulation. One explanation can be that in the stimulating zones endotracheal cells produce more nitric oxides known as a strong vasodilator.

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