Scientists have gained natural cabbage to keep tasty ice cream for a long time

Secret ingredient? White wine and lemon cabbage.

Picture paste right as it is removed from the oven – this is a hot, smell amazing, and perhaps delicious. But if you spend your attention on a very clean pastry, you may have noticed another detail: they have some golden brown color that makes them more attractive.

This beautiful color has disappeared after a while, which reduces the price of the appeal product. Now, scientists have discovered a natural way to prevent cardboard storage while maintaining hairstyles beautiful and golden.

Cabbage is a cocktail of white vines and lemon.

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Pastries (like bread, biscuits, potatoes, coffee and many other products) Brown can be through the process called enlarged browning, lead author Peter Fisher from ETH Zurich says. This is the same process that causes dark spots or cutting apple brown on banks. In the confectionery, brown is associated with a layer of wheat crust at the aeron. Aleuroone is the type of proteins stored in the plant seed cells in the form of granules.

The white dough that changes during storage keeps negatively affecting the overall product of the final dough product. After many commercial bakers prepare dough days or weeks before, it is a common problem in the industry.

Commercial additives can be used to prevent this reaction, but more and more customers are asking only natural ingredients, so Fischer and colleagues have developed alternatives to maintain their pastes. After attempting very few substances, they found a natural and sustainable way to lower the enzyme in the brown oven.

"The combination of white wine and lemon was the result of both the chemical intuition, our co-author Simon Caster and many trial and error," Fischer told ZME Science. But it should be wine – no other grape-based juices. "Grape juice does not perform as white wine, so secondary products (alcohol and magic spin) may be the ingredients of the game."

Although this can be a significant difference in the baking industry, you can carry this own baking. You do not have to be too strict, researchers say – as long as it's good and not too much, you can experiment until you get the desired effects

"We have mostly seen before the tastes and contents do not exceed the limits, I think this product and the taste of consumers," Fischer concludes.

The study was published Journal of Agricultural and Nutrition Chemistry

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