Scorpion venom protein can be used for ferry drugs in the brain

The researchers found that one of the most dangerous features of the brain.

The brain is the most difficult human body and, like any complex mechanism, is unprotected for external intervention. That's why our sturdy skulls are hidden, surrounded by the cerebrospinal fluid and the closed blood cell barrier (BBB). The blood brain barrier is an extremely selective semi-bordering area that does not provide unwanted pathogen brains.

However, all of these protection comes at a cost: it is really difficult to get the medicines needed for the brain, and sometimes the drug should be delivered directly to cerebral pneumatic fluid.

"98% of drugs may not use therapeutic applications because they can not cross the threshold," explains Ernest Jordan, one of the authors of the new research and biomedicine at the Institute of Biomedicine in Barcelona.

Giralt and colleagues may find out about this issue, which is when using the unexpected substance: poison.

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Giant Yellow Israeli Elephant BoneLeuve Quinquestri), Species of species with desert habitats originating from North Africa and the Middle East, which are the key. Vomil is made of small protein (peptide), which is obtained by chloroetoxin, which has the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

"Our goal is to take drugs into the brain and to do it we need peptides that are specially designed to cross BBB, and these drug conjugation increases their effectiveness," says co-chairman Maritxel Teksido.

Essentially, it can be a problem for drug disposal – that's not a completely new idea. In previous studies, scientists have presented impressively in Pete Vonomi (named Apamine), a few minor chemical modifications to ensure BBB. However, chloroetoxin, which is found in the swelling of the sari, has the ability to do this – one of the reasons why scorpion is so dangerous. In other words, they took a threat and found the way as the advantage.

There are thousands of people who are planning to carry millions of peptides. We chose chlorotoxin because it is already known that it works like the toxin of the brain, "explains Teixidó.

So far, preliminary results are very encouraging. Although it is still investigative and well-proven, it is quite perspective.

"Our results will be revealed by the animal vineyards as a great source of BBB's new families," the researchers added.

Study from "Vomusz BBB's shuttles MiniCTX3: Molecular vector received scorpion venom" was published in Chemical communications.

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